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About Me:

I'm an undergrad software engineering student at ASU, pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I have a strong Swift/C++ programming background, with specific expertise in iOS Development and Backend Server development. I have also completed extensive coursework in a variety of languages like Java, Scheme, Prolog, Swift and 32-bit MIPS Assembly.

External Coursework and Certifications:

Stanford CS193P: Developing Apps for IOS

LinkedIn Learning: XCode 11 Essential Training

LinkedIn Learning: Swift 5 Essential Training

Contact Information:

[email protected]


Project Name Date
StockTrack: a stock market watchlist application for iOS with comprehensive statistics, financial report categorization, and in-depth sector and company specific information. 2020
OpenCV-StanfordMedicine: A basic python script for identifying image contours using NumPy and Intel's Open Computer Vision Libarary(OpenCV) 2019
ChatSocket: A Java IRC program implemented using WebSockets. 2017